Saturday, February 13, 2010

Let it snow! (Day 2)

Here is what we woke up to on Friday morning! It snowed the ENTIRE day on Thursday, and overnight covered up most of our tracks from the day before.

2010-02-12 002


It even covered up our snowgirl we made the day before!  She’s got on a pink cowgirl hat, but you can’t tell!

2010-02-12 010


We all (mostly my hubby!) worked hard in the front yard to built a snow fort.  The plan was to make it taller, but Bug and her friend from next door decided it should be a slide, so the plans got redrawn!


2010-02-12 051

2010-02-12 062

2010-02-12 056 2010-02-12 055

2010-02-12 061 2010-02-12 050


Bug had a blast with her good friend from next door.  We are blessed with some of the most wonderful next door neighbors!  This little girl is their granddaughter, and she and Bug just adore each other.  They played in the snow for hours before I finally lured them in to decorate cookies and warm up.

2010-02-12 064


Finally, they wore out enough to sit still for a movie….for all of 30 minutes….before getting back up to play!

2010-02-12 070 copy


It was a wonderful day! We are very blessed!

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