Saturday, February 13, 2010

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! (Day 1)

For many of you, snow is just a given at this time of year.  However, for us in Texas, these past few days have been a real treat!  For an area that deals with temperatures in the 100’s for so many days in the summer, it’s nice to experience the colder side of things from time to time.

DFW just set a new record with over a foot of snow falling in 24 hours!  We built snowmen, ate snow ice cream, snow cones, went sledding, and just all around enjoyed it!

If you aren’t from Texas and you are wondering why we are so excited it’s because it is a RARE treat that we get real SNOW.  Usually it’s this icy, slushy, mixed with dirt stuff that Texans call snow.  But this was white, fluffy, powdery, genuine snow!

Here are some highlight pictures!

 2010-02-11 029 2010-02-11 071 2010-02-11 073 2010-02-11 077 2010-02-11 091 2010-02-11 115 2010-02-11 134
2010-02-11 118 2010-02-11 120    
2010-02-11 177 2010-02-11 161 2010-02-11 168
2010-02-11 210
2010-02-11 219

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