Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Letter C week

I had more ideas than I had time to implement for this week!  

We studied Christopher Columbus (history), contentment (Bible), the calendar (math).  

In Science, we studied crabs, and did an experiment with celery.  You know the one where you put the celery in a glass of water with food coloring?  Then you get to see the food coloring moving up the stalk as the celery absorbs water.  Never gets old! 

2010-02-06 009


We made cookies, chicken pot pie, and ate chocolate!  I altered the pot pie recipe a bit, and made my crust from scratch, but I’ll type that out later.

2010-02-06 005


We had our dear friend “Aunt Chelle” over for dinner.  Not just because it was “C” week, but it worked out nicely! 

2010-02-06 007


Bug clipped her fingernails for the first time all by herself! (No blood! Yay!)

2010-02-06 006


She made a cat craft where the legs and tail were all made out of letter Cs.  I turned her loose with the glue on this one, and let’s just say that it’s a good thing that stuff comes cheap! Ha Ha!

 2010-02-11 009


She also decorated a letter C with cereal.  I was so proud when she said “Look Mommy! I made patterns!”. 

2010-02-11 010


For sensory development, we played with clothespins, played catch with a ball, and made sensory balloons (I guess I should have done those on B week!)). 

I made 2 sets of sensory balloons filled with popcorn kernels, salt, birdseed, oatmeal, pinto beans, and lentils.   The idea was for Bug to simply feel the balloons and match one from the pink group to the same one from the orange group.  She amazed me by completing this in record time!  I don’t know why I was surprised.  This is the girl that notices every little detail, and can tell if there is a single stitch out of place inside her shoe.  Later, she used the balloons and an empty laundry basket to make a tossing game in the hall.  That was a little trickier, as motor skills were involved.  Great practice though!

 2010-02-02 165 2010-02-02 166


Other snacks included crackers, cheese, oranges (citrus), & more chocolate!  Also pictured is the sewing card I made for the week.

2010-02-02 167



I also bought a new set of cookie cutters!  101 of them, to be exact! They were at Walmart for only $10, and I’ve been eyeing them for a while.  If you follow that link, those are the same cutters, but my box did not have a see-through window, and I paid $10, not $14.99!

I have to say, I was super impressed with this set! I fully expected them to be teeny tiny cutters for the price, but I was surprised to see how large they were.  I wanted a set of alphabet cutters, so I was willing to deal with them being on the small side, but they are actually a good size.  Some of the cutters, like the gingerbread people and the pumpkin, are 4-5 inches.  There are several sizes of hearts and circles, and a great variety of other items.  I LOVE it!! Bug had a great time spreading them all out on the floor and playing too.

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Living with Three Boys of Our Own said...

We have those cookie cutters and LOVE them! There's one for EVERYTHING!

Great week! Such fun!