Thursday, June 11, 2009

What a night!

Last night, we spent about an hour hunkered down in the bathroom because there were TORNADO warnings (meaning they saw one!) near us for quite a while. A rotation had been spotted in our city, so we took shelter.

We threw pillows in the tub, and Bug and I got in there together, while R sat next to us, using the toilet as a desk for the laptop and checking the weather constantly. We got one kitty in with us, but the other refused to come out from under the bed, so we figured she was as safe there as anywhere else.

Here is what that looked like: (excuse the bad photos, I was using my cell phone)
2009-06-10 097

We gave her the Leappad and headphones because when she has something to listen to like that she's much calmer and less talkative, which helped as we were trying to listen to the news reports.

As you can tell, she was really stressed (not!)  In fact, she prayed to God and said “Dear God, please keep us safe from the tornado and if it is close to us, please move it somewhere far, far away”.   Complete, total, faith and trust in HIM!  Love it!

2009-06-10 100

Weatherman R, and our not-so-thrilled kitty:
2009-06-10 098

We got out of the bathroom around 8:45, got Bug put to bed and then R and I went in the living room to hang out. The storm seemed to have passed by at this point.    Immediately after we said it was all gone, Bug (and we) prayed to God and thanked him for providing our safety!

Our power went out at 10:00pm! No rain, no storm, nothing....and BAM! Lights out! Thankfully it was just about bedtime anyway, but not quite. Oh well, off we went to bed.

I knew it would be a loooooooooooooong night because none of us sleep well HOT, and Bug and I don't sleep well when it's too quiet (I use white noise, she uses music)

So, about midnight, Bug woke up crying that she couldn't sleep.  I knew this would happen since it was hot and her music went off with the power (note to self: get her a jambox cd player with battery backup)

We gave her a flashlight and told her she could read for a little bit until she was able to fall back asleep, which turned out to be 2 hours later! Poor thing!

FINALLY, after a lot of off and on sleep, the power came back on at 5:30am!  Nice, cool, air! WHEW!!!  PRAISE GOD for air conditioning!  Something we take for granted all too often.  I’m also thankful this happened at night when it was bedtime anyway.  So much to be thankful for!  Our Father truly calms storms in our lives – in so many ways!

Today, we are taking it easy at home to try to make up for missing most of our sleep last night!

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Myrrah said...

wow girl, I knew we were alike but my goodness... I also use white noise to sleep and both boys use music! we do not sleep well hot either. amazing! I am so glad that you were all safe dear tata!