Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The loss of a pet

Bug’s first pet died this past weekend.  It was a tadpole.  My cousin had given us a habitat for it at Christmas, and then we ordered our tadpole from Ribbits Galore.  We actually ordered 2, but one didn’t make it in the mail.  The second one, Bug promptly named “Green Bean”.  It was supposed to turn into a frog within 90 days, but despite our best effort and instruction following - 6 months later we were just looking at an extra large tadpole.  It was still fun to watch and Bug enjoyed talking to it.

Well, Friday night R and I noticed it had finally given up.  Saturday morning, we broke the news to Bug.  To say she was devastated would be an understatement.  She was heartbroken!  I’m very thankful we got the kitties a week before so she at least already had another pet to attach to!
We held a burial service in the backyard, where R buried him in the back corner and Bug  completed it with tongue depressor headstones.
She was very sad, but seems to have moved on now.  Maybe we’ll try again if we get our hands on some real tadpoles rather than the mail order ones.  I’ve since read that there is a high death rate among them.

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“Green Bean our family loves you”
2009-06-15 015

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Burb Mom said...

Oh, so sorry. The funeral was beautiful. What a sweet way to remember her pet.