Sunday, June 7, 2009

We adopted!

No, not a child (yet!). This weekend, our landlord finally agreed to let us have a cat! So, we adopted a kitty from the SPCA! She is around 3 years old and just adorable! She is settling in and seems to be perfectly comfortable with us.

We went with an older kitty, instead of a kitten, for a few reasons. 1) Their temperament is known, as is if they lived with other cats or children before. 2) They often have a harder time getting adopted. and 3) The fee for adopting them is much cheaper if they’ve been at the shelter for over 30 days (as each of these had!)


~ Angel ~
This little sweetie picked us out! She started rubbing on us and talking to us when we first walked in. Then, I set down my backpack for a minute and she immediately walked over to it, sniffed it, kneaded it, then made it a bed and fell asleep! R and I looked at each other and said “We’ve been adopted!” and brought her home!

2009-06-06 030
2009-06-06 069 2009-06-06 058

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