Thursday, June 24, 2010

Letting God drive

I’ve started reading Acts recently as I’m going to be doing a Bible study on this book in the fall, and I like to read it through once before to prepare myself as one of the leaders.  Then, I read through it again with the group.  It’s amazing how God will speak to me differently in the same passage of scripture, depending on where I am in my life.  I can’t wait to see what He has to say!


In Acts 1, Jesus was quoted as saying to his apostles, “Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift my Father promised”.   This was one of the verses that I read when we were considering whether or not Rob was going to re-join the Army.  God clearly told us to wait until we heard from Him. And we did!  I’m sure God loves initiative, but He doesn’t want us to run ahead of Him, looking back to see if He’ll catch up with us.  Instead, He wants us to wait on Him.  Wait for His word, His calling, His provision.  He wants us to pray about every decision we make, no matter how big or small.


Verse 7 says, “It is not for you to know the times or dates the Father has set by his own authority.”.


We all want to know the plan, don’t we?  I know I do.  I’m a planner.  I like to schedule things, research things, know what’s going to happen.  If I’m on vacation I love to go with no plans at all, but for my day to day stuff, I need to have a schedule & some structure. It makes me feel comfortable.  But God is great at taking me out of that comfort zone, so that I have to truly rely on Him.

Right now, there are a couple major areas in my life that I’ve had to turn over to the Lord because there is nothing I can do about them.   One, is the Army.  I know we are moving in the Spring, but I have no idea where to.  It could literally be anywhere in the world that there is an Army post.  I can’t even begin to guess, or start looking up local attractions, housing, etc.  It doesn’t even matter what we want because, although the Army will ask our top 3 choices…the truth is, they will send Hubby where they need him.    The other is our foster baby.   I would love to know his outcome.  Will he be returned to his mom?  Go to someone else? Or will we end up adopting him?  Again, there isn’t a thing in the world I can do about this situation.  It’s completely out of my hands, and it relies on so many different things, that it’s like a huge puzzle with a few missing pieces.  So, I wait.

I could choose to let the unknown drive me crazy.  I could worry, and be anxious, and think about all the “what-ifs”.  But God tells me in His word not to be anxious or worry, but to trust in Him.  So, as hard as it was at first, I am letting it go, and just letting God be in control.


Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. (Phil 4:6)

At first, that feels scary, but then when you truly surrender there is a peace that comes with that.  God will give you a comfort & a peace that can only come from Him.  Letting go was outside of my comfort zone, but it’s right inside His.


And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. (Phil 4:7)


So, I am letting God drive.  I’ll just go along for the ride, and enjoy the view along the way.  I’ll rest, knowing that He is behind the wheel, and I’ll look forward to seeing where He takes me!

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