Thursday, June 24, 2010

Caution: Busy Weekend Ahead!

This upcoming weekend is packed with fun & excitement!  Emily’s 6th birthday is this upcoming Tuesday, so we are celebrating this weekend.  SIX?? Where did the time go?


Friday night  - We are going to the RODEO!  She has been once before, and has been asking to go for her birthday for weeks!  She is in LOVE with horses, and is becoming quite the little Princess Cowgirl.  I love it!  She’s always been more nature-loving than princess-y (which fits me perfectly!) and it’s cute to see her getting a little girly, while hanging on to the cowgirl! 


Saturday – We’ll have the family over for a party.  The last couple years, she has chosen to spend her special day with her parents, grandparents, and “Aunt Chelle” (a close family friend) rather than a bunch of kids.  Ok with us!  We inflate a big pool in the backyard, turn on a sprinkler, put a bunch of shaving cream in a plastic pool, set out some snacks, pop up the shade canopy, and have a great time!   She plays in the sun and water until she’s worn out, then opens her presents and spends the rest of the day playing with them.

It works out really well because with all the excitement of a birthday, her Sensory Processing Disorder will be on high alert.  Thankfully, the sensory input from the water, shaving cream, and foods will help keep her in balance.


Sunday – This is the best! Our little girl is getting BAPTIZED!! We are so very proud of her!  She has an amazing relationship with God, and has for a long time now.  It’s so awesome to hear her say things that God told her, that we know did not come from us.  Children really are closer to God than we are, I have no doubt!  She asked Jesus into her heart a year ago and was saved then, but she is now ready to follow that up in baptism in order to obey what God asks us to do, and to show others that she is a follower of Christ. 

I told her that the best part about all this is knowing that no matter what happens to us on earth….because we will all die at some point….that we would be together forever in Heaven.  There is no greater gift than knowing your child is sealed with her name in the Book of Life.

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