Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Deep thoughts


Today as we were driving home from Bug’s horse riding lessons, we had the following conversation:


Bug: (looking at a map of Florida, with a picture of a manatee on it) “Why are they called MAN-atees? They can’t all be MAN-atees.  Some of them have to be WOMAN-atees, because if they were all boys they couldn’t make any more, right Mom?”

Me: “That’s true”

Bug: “Because the girls are the ones with the eggs, and the boys have the sperm, right?”

Me: “Yup”

** Keep in mind, Bug is our animal-obsessed child who has watched many nature videos, including animals mating, but has yet to learn about the real “birds and the bees” **


Bug: “So, how do people get the sperm to the egg without doing anything inappropriate?”

Me: (trying my best to stifle my laughter) “What would you consider inappropriate?”

Bug: “Jumping on each other like the elephants do.  It would also be inappropriate to be bottom to bottom like the doggies.”

Me: “Well….people do have a special way of doing it, and you will  learn about that when you are 8”  (Pulling a number out of the air and hoping she won’t hold me to it if I change my mind later)

Bug: “Ok. I just wanted to make sure you would tell me sometime. It doesn’t have to be today”

I just love her!  She’s known for a while that Daddy has the sperm, I had the egg, and together they made a baby.  It was only a matter of time before she analyzed it and tried to figure out just how they came together.  LOL


Ginger said...

Oh my! That is too funny! Keep explaining it in nature and she'll figure it out on her own.
But good luck w/ the 8 thing. When the littles were 3, I told them they couldn't have gum until they were 5. I wish I'd said 6 b/c as soon as they turned 5 they asked for gum. Kids don't forget stuff like that. ;)

Stacy said...

That's what I'm hoping for - that it will just come naturally and at no big surprise since she's learned about how God made the animals procreate :) I absolutely LOVE Emily chewing gum though, because it gives her great oral sensory input. You are right though, they have great memories for those little details!