Friday, October 2, 2009

Kindergarten – Month 1

2009-08-31 285
What have we been doing for the last month? 
Having a great time!  

We officially started school on Sept. 8, right after Labor Day weekend.  The previous 2 weekends were huge “field trips” as we spent a weekend with my parents in Oklahoma, and then spent the next weekend at the Galveston beach with R’s mom!  Both weekends were filled with fun and learning about nature!

Each week we cover the following subjects:  Reading, Writing, History, Geography, Math, Bible, Science, Spelling, Home Economics, Arts & Crafts, & Physical Education.   The core of that is done in 2-3 hours a day!
We are having a great time!

Here are some of the highlights from the past month:

* Learning about Egypt and the fact that they used to shave off HALF of one eyebrow when their cat died to show they were mourning.
* Learning that the country of Italy looks like a boot on the map.
* Reading (Mommy read, she listened) to the first book in the Boxcar Children series.
* Checking the weather every day for our Weather Chart.
* Changing the days on our “Today is…” chart.
* Making fossils
* Making a weather vane
* Having a paper race to learn about wind
* Hearing my daughter ask if we can PLEASE “do more school!”
* Learning how to operate the “self-check” machine at the grocery store.
* Going to a local Greek festival after learning about Greece.
* Taking soil samples
* Building a rocket out of a cardboard box

Making a coracle and testing to see if it would float.
It did!
2009-10-02 001 2009-10-02 004

Fun at the Greek Festival:
 2009-09-28 118 2009-09-28 120 2009-09-28 121 2009-09-28 122 2009-09-28 126 2009-09-28 132
2009-09-28 037

Making Fossils

2009-10-02 052 2009-10-02 054

Soil Samples
2009-10-02 048 2009-10-02 050

2009-10-02 067

Fun with Spelling
2009-10-02 056

Egyptian Collar
2009-10-02 011

Learning the difference between sedimentary & igneous rocks
2009-09-30 005 2009-09-30 006

Physical Education (aka: Getting the extra energy out!)
2009-10-02 015

Whew! I can’t wait to see how October goes!


The Morgan Family said...

OH, I loved the pictures you posted! I must say - you are one fun Kindergarten teacher! The Egyptian collar (way cool), weather vanes, etc...... Glad you and your daughter are enjoying your time together while learning and experiencing new things!

Ginger said...

How on earth do you spend hours doing kindergarten? I spend that long teaching 3rd and 4th grades!! :)

Stacy said...

Because it’s FUN, so we do a lot of things! Also, she’s reading on a 2nd grade level, so we do some more advanced/challenging things. We could do the basics in under an hour, sure, but we add in crafts, art projects, extra science experiments, and reading. Plus, that also includes time for sensory activities and some physical activity (which also serves as a break when her body needs to move!). She LOVES it, and if we skip a day, she’s begging me to ‘do school’. I keep trying to convince her that counting apples at the grocery store IS school ;)

4 days a week we are doing history/geography, spelling, reading, handwriting/copywork, science, Bible, & math. Just wait till we start Spanish 