Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bug’s first stitches!

Staples, actually.....2 of her HEAD!

This morning, my dad picked up Bug to spend the day/night at their place.   Less than an hour later, dad called and said "Bug fell and cut her head open. I need you to meet us at the hospital"

ACK! I was off!

Turns out, she was with him in his workshop and trying to watch something, so she was climbing up on a chair, it turned and she fell - and hit the back of her head on his LATHE machine!  OUCH!   She is his little apprentice in there, and always loves helping him work on something.

She's got about an inch and a half gash on the back of her head and had to get 2 staples in it. Of course it was bleeding all over the place, as head wounds do, so dad scooped her up to take her to the ER to see how bad it was.

I got to the hospital and she and dad were already in triage. She was so scared about what was going to happen to her, and also about whether or not she would still get to spend the night at their house (she wanted to!).

She was a TROOPER!!! The nurse looked at it, then the doctor looked at it. They gave me a cotton ball with some numbing medicine on it to hold on the wound. Then once it was numb, the doctor put a shot of more numbing medicine in the wound (YIKES!) - Thankfully Bug didn't see it OR feel it!  Then he used this little disposable staple gun (we got to keep it!!) and put 2 staples in as fast as you would staple paper and he was done!

Bug was more scared about what was going to happen next than she was worried about the pain. Makes sense, when you have nothing to compare it to, or don't know how all that stuff works. We assured her that I got to hold her the whole time, she wasn't going anywhere by herself, etc.

I told her I'd go get her popsicles or ice cream or whatever she wanted when we were done. She said "I just want some water".  Silly girl!  Poor thing, her tummy was upset (you know how you get a sick tummy when you get really hurt or upset?).

I didn't think to grab the camera to take with me (you know....when dad said head wound, I just went!), but Bug wanted pictures, so I took some with my phone. I'll take pictures of her staples better when she gets back home tomorrow.

After the hospital, dad took her home, and I went to the store. I got her some popsicles, ice cream, a coloring book (with an elephant on it!), and some stickers. Then I went to their house, rinsed out her hair and shirt (covered in blood!), and then left her in the care of my dad. She still wanted to spend the night, and once she was all done at the ER, she seems to be almost back to herself. She's tired, and her head is sore, but otherwise, she's doing great. I'm amazed really! God was really with her.  My sweet girl has cried for 2 hours over a paper cut before, so the fact that she bounced back from this so fast is a huge blessing!!

She asked me to "take a picture of me crying" - she's on my lap, that wasn't easy with the phone camera.2009-10-22 018

The wound
2009-10-22 020
The staples   2009-10-22 021

Now, she gets to have a day of all the popsicles and ice cream she can eat at MeMe and Grandad’s house.  A great ending, I think!

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