Monday, July 13, 2009

It’s official! We’re starting Kindergarten!

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The Decision

Our only child, Bug, just turned 5!   Over the past year, R and I have been discussing whether or not to start homeschooling Emily in Kindergarten this fall, or wait until next.  We weighed several pros and cons, prayed about this decision, thought we had decided to wait…in fact, wanted to wait, but ultimately we ended up deciding to move forward with school.  God has a way of shaking us up like that, but that’s a whole other post another time!

So, this fall, we will be the parents of a Kindergartner!  WOW!

Changes at home
On one hand, not much will change.  Since we homeschool, I will still see her every day.  I don’t have to go drop her off anywhere.  I don’t have to get her up early, or pack a lunch the night before.  We will still read, do crafts, go on field trips…all very much like the last year.  I am so incredibly thankful that He has provided us with the opportunity for us to homeschool Bug and to ensure that God and His creation are the focus of all that she will be learning!  I am also thankful that I get to spend each and every day with her.  To watch her learn, to see her excitement, and to share in that with her….priceless!

On the other hand, things are changing!  This year, we will be focusing on a curriculum (My Father’s World), and will be supplementing with some extra things, like Rosetta Stone’s Spanish program.   We are setting goals and making lists of things we want to teach her this year.   I am a big fan of Charlotte Mason, and the fact that her methods are less structured than most.  However, we have come to terms with the fact that both Bug and Mommy need some structure, so we are doing the best of both worlds!  We will follow the curriculum as a guideline of what to do each day/week, but will also implement CM methods in order to keep us from getting too bogged down in the structure. 

Changes at church
Another big change for her will be at church.  This fall, she will move upstairs to the KDOG (Kids depending on God) program that is for K-6 grades.   On Sundays, she will attend her Sunday School class during the first hour, and then will join us in worship service during the second hour.   I am so excited about this!  We’ve been bringing Bug into worship with us from time to time for some time now and we all really enjoy being together during that precious time.   Bug is also excited!! The new Kindergartners get a special green tote bag to carry to church, and she has already seen so many of her older friends with these over the past year.  She is so excited to get her green bag!

I’m very much looking forward to the next year.  It will be amazing to see how God works in our family and how we grow together, and in Him.  Not only is my little girl growing up, but God is using her each and every day to help me grow up in Him!  It’s going to be a great, ever-changing, year in our family!

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Myrrah said...

hurray!! We'll be jumping in together this year! I am so happy that you'll be doing this the same time as us!! Yippee!