Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Copywork from the Bible

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The other night, Bug got in a little trouble.  She made a couple bad choices and was being disrespectful and disobedient.  I know, shocking from my sweet girl, but it happened.  :-)

Praise God! He was right there helping R and I, as we told Bug we would be back in 3 minutes after we’d had a chance to step away and talk as parents.   We calmly left her screaming to herself while we discussed what to do.  Boy, was she mad! These 2 offenses are directly addressed in scripture, so we focused on that. 

We explained to Bug (not for the first time) that these are not just our rules, but they are God’s rules.  We are just the people that God put in her life to teach her these rules so that she can grow up to obey Him!

Then, for the first time, we implemented “writing sentences”!  Remember those from when you were a kid?  I know I had to write “I will remember to bring home my spelling workbook” a few times, and probably a few other things!

Since she’s only 5 and still fairly new to writing, we only made her write 2 sentences, but they were great ones!

First, Ephesians 6:1, and then Leviticus 19:3.

Thank you, Lord, for being right there with us during all of that!  We were calm, we brought the whole lesson back to scripture, reinforced it in her mind by having her write it, and most of all – disciplined out of love, not punishment!  She even had fun doing it!  That’s when we have to remind ourselves as parents that discipline is about LEARNING, not about feeling miserable!

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