Monday, May 4, 2009

The supremacy of Christ

I really want to put an "intro" to this, but I just can't think of something worthy of the words that God spoke through Voddie Baucham in this video.
Listen with open ears. Watch with an open heart. Grab the tissues. Prepare to be humbled. God is SOVEREIGN.

When you are done with that, I want to introduce you to Donna Stuart.  She’s a singer/songwriter I met at a women's retreat back in February. This one particular song prompted me to buy her entire CD (I never buy a CD for one song!), and this song pierced my heart.  I can’t legally post her song here, so I'm going to ask that you follow this link to her myspace webpage, and listen to her song, Help Me Believe. You have to hear this song!

Here are the lyrics so you can follow along. But really, don't just read them. You have to HEAR her sing it!

All that I've done and all that's been done to me
Drove nails through Your hands hard and fast to the tree
and the lies that I live and the shame in my story
You covered with blood for Your name and Your glory, Lord

Jesus help me believe
Jesus help me receive
This girl You've created You have redeemed
Lord help me believe this Lord help me receive
This daughter You rescued You have washed her clean

So I raise outstretched arms with my knees to the earth
and I bow low my heart for in You is my worth
and I SHOUT from this mountain great joy in my soul

And when I am tempted to believe something less
I run to Your Word... embracing forgiveness
Thank You for loving and thank You for healing me

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