Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Catching up with our family

I haven’t posted about our life much lately and thought I would do a little “catch up”.

Foster Parenting & Adoption
We do not have any foster children at the  moment.  Our last placement went home earlier this month to be with relatives.   We are now on a break until we return from a family vacation this month.  Once we get back, we will begin the process of transferring our license to an agency closer to home, and then our plan is to focus on adoption for a while.
When we have more than 1 foster child in our home, we are considered “full” (because we can only have 3-4 total children in this house due to size…hope to change that in a year or 2).  That means that even if a suitable adoption placement came available, we can not be submitted for consideration.   It also means we can’t even try to adopt any of the children we find on the Texas “waiting children” website. 
While we feel very blessed to be able to provide a temporary home for children, we also desire greatly to grow our own forever family.  So, with much prayer and consideration, we’ve decided to focus on adoption for a while and see if God chooses to provide our forever kids during this time, or if we will need to wait.   In the meantime, we will be open as a respite provider which means we will be able to provide a needed break to other foster families by “babysitting” their children for 1-14 days.

The 3 of us are heading out this Friday for a family vacation!  We are driving to Florida to spend a week at the beach.  A 17 hour (one way, but stopping overnight in the middle) road trip!  I can’t wait!  Great conversation with my husband, singing songs with Bug, and great quality family time.  Then, a week of relaxing, reading, swimming, family games, and very little time with the cell phone/internet/tv!
While we are there, we are going to see the Space Shuttle Atlantis launch! I am so excited about this.  The shuttle is scheduled to be retired in 2010, so we are looking forward to experiencing a launch up close and personal before that happens.  And the launch is now scheduled on my birthday! WOOO!!!
We splurged and got the VIP tickets for this considering it’s pretty much a once (maybe twice) in a lifetime opportunity. 
This is what we got:
Your Launch Transportation Ticket provides:
1.)Transportation to a restricted area viewing site on Kennedy Space Center property approximately 6 miles away from the space shuttle launch pad.
2.) Launch countdown on public-address system.
3.) Vehicle placard for entrance into Kennedy Space Center on launch day.

Those are the 2 major things going on in our lives at the moment that are shareable.  God is definitely working in our lives in some other ways, and we will share more on that when we can.
Now, I’ve got to get some pictures off my camera and onto the computer so I can post those!


Graceful Threads said...

I have a good friend who fostered many and has adopted 2. She actually got a call one evening and had to decide on the spot if she wanted a *baby Moses* a newborn left in a fire station parking lot...only hours old. She said yes. Baby is now 2, it is a beautful story of Gods provision.I admire people who have a burden for these little people. Pure Religion.....

Ginger said...

We'll miss you! Hurry back! :)