Friday, May 29, 2009

Death is not dying

I imagine many of you have already seen this video.  I’ve seen links to it several times, but finally took the time to sit down and watch it.  As always, God’s timing is perfect, and He spoke to me through this woman with what I needed to hear today.  This is a 37 year old woman, a wife, a mom of little ones, a daughter of the King, a woman who knows God, and sees herself through His eyes.  She is dying of cancer, and will likely not be here on her 38th birthday.
I encourage you, I strongly encourage you to please set aside an hour to watch her video.   At the very least, you can download the MP3 file from her website, so take it with you to the gym, the car ride, or wherever you can find 55 minutes to listen to this.

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Ginger said...

Such wisdom! That was fantastic!