Wednesday, May 26, 2010

They didn’t kick me out!

I recently returned to the gym.  I need to get in shape, and no matter how much I love the idea of working out at home, it just doesn’t happen with little ones underfoot.  So, I’ve joined the gym Hubby goes to, and can now workout while my children enjoy someone else’s company. :)

I always feel intimidated at the gym.  The women that are perfectly in shape, the feeling like a shark’s prey when I walk in the door and get eyed by every salesperson with a quota to meet, the offers to buy personal training or sign up for something, the muscle filled body builders in the free weights area. 

Ahh, yes, the free weights area.  I actually love it there, but I’m always nervous to step across the invisible barrier into the land of the body builder club.  I feel like they are all going to shoo me out because I’m not grunting enough or ripped enough.  I don’t know why, at age 36, I get nervous about something like that.  But I do.

But today, I ventured in.  I walked in like I knew what I was doing, found the machines I knew how to work, loaded my free weights on, and there I was working out with the rest of them.  No one even glanced at me, let alone kick me out.   I felt the confidence coming back just a little.  I always feel strong when I venture in there.  I feel strong today.  Emotionally.  Mentally. Physically.  Well, the physical will take some time, but I’m getting there.  Just using the "Hack Squat” machine, no matter that I only put 20 lbs on it, makes me feel strong.  I am woman, hear me roar purr.  :)


Today, I used the row machine for 15 minutes, the stair climber for 10, and then did weights for 20.  It feels good.



Another “feel good”…..

On the way home I saw a car stopped in middle of the intersection, an older man.  I couldn’t help because I had 2 kids I couldn’t just leave in the car, but as I turned and double backed to get to my street, my heart was filled with joy! I saw a young man help by pushing his car with his own car to get it out of the street.  Kindness still exists.  Look for opportunities to stop and help someone else today.


Ginger said...

Really enjoyed this post. That's exactly how I feel when I go to the gym! Like everyone's going to say: Ha! We know you don't belong here!
I've been trying to find workout videos to do at home but family-friendly is an oxymoron it seems. Sports bras and tight shorts, men not wearing shirts, and profanity. Sheesh! I can't workout w/ my kids around!

Diana said...

LOL This is me too! I don't think I could've crossed that imaginary wall!