Friday, February 19, 2010

I miss cable…a little

This week I am missing cable.  We haven’t had TV service for a few years now.  We turned it off at one point to save money when we were out of a job, and then we just left it.  Normally, I don’t care.  Bug watches her DVDs, and has a good selection to choose from.  Hubby and I watch our favorite shows online.  It’s amazing how many shows put their episodes online for you to watch! Sure, we watch them a day or few late, but that’s no problem.  We also use Netflix and get one movie at a time from them.  So, we stay plenty entertained without using up too much of our “free” time in front of the tube.

But right now is WINTER OLYMPICS time!! I *heart* watching the winter olympics!  I’ll do my best to find some videos online, but there is just something about watching it live, I think. 


I love the figure skating! They always look so graceful.  I also love the bobsled & luge for the speed and accuracy! I have fun watching the skiing because I’ve never been, but it looks like so much fun, and I hope to try it someday (on a bunny slope!).  Hockey is always a favorite, but I like that year-round, not just at the Olympics!

Oh well, it will end, and I’ll move on.  I’m working on contentment : )

What is your favorite sport to watch in the Olympics?

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Laura said...

We don't have cable either, but get the olympics (nbc?) via antenna.
I like figure skating the best. Women's singles the most I think. Athough I have been busy this year, and haven't seen any of the women's figure skating.