Thursday, February 4, 2010

Having fun, fun, fun with school!

We’ve had so much fun this past month with school! I am truly blessed to be able to homeschool Bug.  I adore seeing her excited about learning new things, and I have a blast learning along with her.
Here are some of the highlights!

Science projects
2010-01-08 110

Making crafts and trying them on the cat
2010-01-08 0102010-01-08 007 

Making a city out of recyclables
2010-01-08 012
2010-01-08 015
2010-01-08 016

We started a new program using a “Letter of the Week”, and I am LOVING it!! I’m pulling from a few different sources, but basically I am putting together a curriculum centered around one letter each week.  Bible stories, Handwriting, Read Alouds, Science, History/Geography, Math, Snacks/Cooking, Crafts, & Physical Activities – are all so fun to plan around a letter!

I’ll post about the letter weeks in separate posts.

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