Thursday, November 26, 2009

6 years ago today….

…on Thanksgiving 2003, we found out we were pregnant!! A true miracle!  After being told by multiple doctors that we were infertile and could not get pregnant, even with extensive measures – we were blessed with a surprise miracle!

Actually one doctor told us “you will never get pregnant without a whole lot of help”.   We had all the help we needed from the Lord!

I woke up that morning, and took the pregnancy test as I always did before I took the medication to bring on my period.  What a happy shock when I saw it said I was pregnant!! I was so excited, I took that test in hand, and went to Starbucks where R was working that morning and showed it to him right there in the store.  He was so excited!  He also told me to go next door to the grocery store and get another test to confirm it.  I got 2.  I came back and took them both right then in the bathroom at Starbucks!  2 more positives.

We told my parents that evening at their place, and they were excited beyond words.  We called R’s mom to tell her she was going to be a Grandma, and she thought we were getting a dog!  She likes dogs, but a baby was much better!

It was the best Thanksgiving Day ever! We are so very blessed!

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Myrrah said...

Amazing! It is so wonderful to see the testimony of the Lord in our lives! Hurray and praise Jesus for your sweet, dear daughter!