Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bug’s Birthday Weekend!

Friday night, we had dinner at “560”, the Wolfgang Puck restaurant inside Reunion Tower.   Bug saw Reunion Tower a little over 6 months ago when we were out driving one day, and she asked me about it.  “What is that ball on a stick?”, she said.  When she found out there was a restaurant in it, she decided right then and there she wanted to go there for her “5 birthday”. 
I’d been there before, and while it wasn’t super cheap, it wasn’t bad.   What I didn’t know, when I said “sure!”, was that it had been remade into a fine dining restaurant! With “fancy” food!  Good thing my little girl loves SUSHI!
So, we gave her the choice – a birthday party with friends, or dinner at the restaurant with family.  She chose the restaurant and never changed her mind.  
I’m so glad she did! She had the best time! We celebrated with my parents, R’s mom, and R’s grandmother.  She ate tons of sushi, some samples of everyone else’s food, and an entire apple crumble dessert all by herself!  Such a big girl!

The next day, Saturday, we had the family back over, along with our dear family friend, Aunt Chelle.  We had cake & ice cream, opened presents, and mostly played with Emily in the little pools in the backyard.  It was a fun, relaxing day!

Now, my little girl has been 5 for 2 days, and she’s growing up before my eyes.  All I can do is pray that this next year goes by a little slower than the last, and that I cherish each and every moment with her!  I am so blessed to be her Mommy!

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